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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the regulation height of a basketball rim?

    For high school, college, and professional basketball, the regulation height is 10 feet to the topside of the basketball rim.

  • Installation?

    Your store will have a professional installation program. Ask them for details. Should you install the Goalrilla yourself, consult the instructions provided. Review the list on the left for common questions about installation.

  • What size hole do I dig for the Goalrilla Anchor System?

    The recommended hole size is 16 inches in diameter and 48 inches deep. You will need eleven 80-lb bags of concrete for the installation.

    IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTION: Before you dig, call your local utilities to rule out the presence of buried cables including power, water, gas and phone lines. Failure to do so could result in serious or fatal injury.

  • How many people will I need to help install my Goalrilla?

    For safety purposes, we recommend you have at least three capable persons to assist you.

  • Can I install my Goalrilla Anchor System in the same concrete I pour for my court?

    For best results with less vibration, your Goalrilla Anchor System should be independent of your court. If pouring concrete for both at the same time, add an expansion joint in between.

  • What is the time span for completing the installation of my Goalrilla system?

    The anchor system is set in concrete on Day 1 and requires at least 72 hours to cure. We recommend erecting your system on Day 5 to ensure the superior rock-solid performance for which Goalrilla is famous.

  • Why are there nuts between the anchor plate and the pole on my Goalrilla system? This leaves a space between the anchor plate and the pole. Is this correct?

    Yes. The nuts beneath the pole let you level the system once it is installed. If the concrete is not perfectly level, you can level the pole by adjusting these for nuts. Simply place a level on the sides of the pole to check it for levelness. You can loosen the top nuts slightly and adjust the bottom nuts to move the system up or down on the corner which needs leveling. When the system is level, simply tighten all nuts against the pole system.

  • What is the overhang on a Goalrilla basketball system?

    It varies according to the model and the height setting you select. In general, the overhang is:

    • 4 ft. (DC72E1, CV72, & GSI)
    • 3 ft. (GS72c, CV60, GSII, CV54, & GSIII)
    • 2.5 ft. (GS60c & GS54c)
  • What is the proper way to clean my Goalrilla glass backboard?

    Rinse the backboard with lukewarm water. Wash gently with a 100% cotton soft cloth, lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not scrub. Rinse the backboard with lukewarm water again and dry with a 100% cotton soft cloth.

  • Where can I buy Goalrilla systems?

    Goalrilla systems are available at quality sporting goods stores across the U.S. and online. Click here to find a store near you.

  • How much abuse can a Goalrilla system take?

    Goalrilla is The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet and carries a limited lifetime warranty. However, it is not guaranteed against abuse or misuse, such as hanging on the rim, net, or backboard. Be sure to understand the guidelines for proper use and keep your warranty in effect. Read the complete warranty (PDF).

  • Where do I call for assistance?

    Contact Escalade Sports (Goalrilla) customer service at 1-800-467-1421 or you can contact us using our online form.

  • Are there Goalrilla accessories?

    Yes, there are high-performance accessories designed specifically for Goalrilla. Your store can help you determine which accessories are right for you and your Goalrilla. Visit the Goalrilla Accessories section to see available accessories now.

  • How do I maintain my Goalrilla?

    There are only three things to keep in mind with regard to maintenance:

    1. The backboard: to clean the backboard, rinse the board with lukewarm water, wash gently with a 100% cotton soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Rinse again with lukewarm water and dry with a 100% cotton soft cloth.
    2. The pole base: Keep organic materials away from pole base. As with all metals, grass and grass clippings, organic garbage and litter can cause corrosion if the metal finish is penetrated.
    3. Rust: If rust should appear on the pole, remove loose paint, sand lightly, prime, and paint with exterior enamel paint. If rust has penetrated through the steel anywhere, replace the pole immediately.
  • Can I take it with me?

    Yes. The rugged concrete and rebar Goalrilla Anchor System has a leveling feature that bolts the Goalrilla to the ground. As a result, a Goalrilla pole, backboard and goal can be completely removed and taken with you when you move, if you wish. A trained Goalrilla installer should be involved in the removal of your system. Click here to find a store near you.

  • What is the height adjustment range, and how do I know the height?

    All Goalrilla systems are adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet, allowing the system to be enjoyed players of virtually all ages. The all-steel height-adjusting actuator includes a scale that shows the height that is achieved by turning the handle.

  • Do I have to maintain the adjustment actuator?

    No maintenance is required to keep the actuator functioning properly.

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