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Whether you’re looking for a way to get the whole family outside together or a vital training tool for your rising basketball star, investing in a basketball hoop will provide fun for years to come. Before buying a basketball hoop, it’s important to decide what type of hoop would best suit your family’s needs. We have three brands and three types of basketball goals to choose from – in-ground, portable, and wall-mounted…read more.


  • Price - Lowest to Highest
    Price - Lowest to Highest
  • Price - Highest to Lowest
    Price - Highest to Lowest
  • Backboard Width - Smallest to Largest
    Backboard Width - Smallest to Largest
  • Backboard Width - Largest to Smallest
    Backboard Width - Largest to Smallest
  • Backboard Height - Smallest to Largest
    Backboard Height - Smallest to Largest
  • Backboard Height - Largest to Smallest
    Backboard Height - Largest to Smallest
    • Brand
      • Goalrilla
      • Goaliath
      • Silverback
    • Style
      • In-Ground
      • Portable
      • Wall-Mount
      • Youth
    • Series
      • CV Series
        CV Series
      • GS Series
        GS Series
      • FT Series
        FT Series
      • DC Series
        DC Series
    • Backboard Size
      • 72" Backboard
        72" Backboard
      • 60" Backboard
        60" Backboard
      • 54" Backboard
        54" Backboard
      • 50" Backboard
        50" Backboard

      Different Types of Basketball Goals

      Adjustable Basketball Hoops

      Every Goalrilla basketball hoop can easily be adjusted in height from 7.5’ to 10’ with the included actuator. Children as young as 6 years old can adjust the easy-to-crank actuator so they can bring the goal down to a height that’s appropriate for them or raise the height as they grow alongside the basketball goal. Adjustable basketball hoops are great for children learning to play the game.

      In-Ground Basketball Hoops

      Goalrilla’s in-ground basketball hoops feature in-ground anchor systems cured in concrete with the option to unbolt and move the goal. In-ground basketball hoops offer the most advanced performance of any residential goal, closely replicating the performance of NCAA and NBA hoops. Most in-ground goals feature tempered glass backboards which offer the most authentic rebound available while the rigid steel pole mounted in concrete offers incredible stability for the entire unit.

      The in-ground, concrete installation process makes the hoop much more stable, eliminating the risk of tipping over, especially during a dunk. If you anticipate adults or children dunking on your goal, be sure to select an in-ground goal that will support the force and keep your players safe. Additionally, in-ground hoops take up less ground space, reducing the trip hazard of a portable’s molded base.

      Portable Basketball Hoops

      Goaliath’s portable basketball hoops offer increased stability for better rebound and playability, easier portability, and easy assembly. The Goaliath GoTek portable basketball goals offer great benefits over traditional portable basketball hoops such as a steel base and premium backboard.

      Many portable hoops have complicated assemblies that can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete. However, GoTek basketball goals only take 90 minutes to assemble with easy-to-use instructions and many pre-assembled parts. Our instructions include detailed diagrams and correspond to clearly labeled parts and hardware, so you can start playing in no time.

      Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops

      Both Goaliath and Silverback offer wall-mounted basketball hoops perfect for saving space in your driveway. Sometimes your driveway space doesn’t allow for a basketball pole installation and the overhang required to safely play.

      The Goaliath and Silverback wall-mounted basketball goals install the hoop to a garage, barn, school or camp building, gym, and more. You can install them to any wall indoors or outdoors and the hoops deliver the same quality performance as an in-ground basketball goal does. Our wall-mounted basketball hoops are height adjustable and feature the pro-style breakaway rim to protect the backboard and to prevent player injuries. Additionally, our wall-mounted basketball goals come partially preassembled with attached hardware so you can assemble your hoop in 120 minutes or less!

      Which Basketball Hoop Should You Buy?

      A basketball hoop is a large purchase for your home, so it’s important to consider your needs and wants in order to make an informed buying decision. A few factors to consider during your search for the right basketball goal include driveway size, how frequently it’ll be used, the players’ ages, and your budget - among other things. To read more about finding the right basketball hoop for you, see our buyer's guide.

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