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  • Anchor System
    Anchor System
  • Universal Backboard Pad
    Universal Backboard Pad
  • Universal Pole Pad
    Universal Pole Pad
  • Heavy Weight Flex Rim
    Heavy Weight Flex Rim
  • Specs
  • Description
  • Technology
  • 60" x 38" Clear View tempered glass backboard delivers pro-style look and rebound performance
  • 6x6 Pole Size
  • 3/8" Thick Tempered Glass Backboard
  • 3' Overhang
51 reviews
From Peachtree City, GA
  • Gender: Male
  • Length of Ownership: 1 week

You get what you pay for

The CV60 is expensive when compared to some of the other goals out there, but you definitely get your money's worth. It looks great and the CV 60 is professional grade. It is also the perfect size for a driveway hoop. This is a solid goal that will last for a long time. I had it professionally installed and the installers probably needed 3 guys instead of 2 to lift the up the goal while mounting the pole. There is no movement when the ball hits the backboard. My kids love it and our house has now become the go to place for pick up games.

Casey Ehlert
From MN
  • Gender: Male
  • Length of Ownership: 1 month

Absolute Quality Product

Just finished installing our CV60 last week. The boys and a bunch of neighbor friends have played quite a bit and it's been flawless. If you make a bad shot and it hits anywhere on the board or rim it's a quiet thud and no movement. The looks alone put any others to shame. Even the copy cats still don't have that look this one does. Very easy to adjust my 6 year old has zero issues. Was very easy to level and prepare for play. Would recommend this one 100%. I was going to go with a different brand but kept coming back to this one and am VERY happy I did.