Warranty Information


Rest Assured. You’re Protected!

After reviewing the physical aspects of each basketball hoop, next consider what you can’t see such as warranty information, brand-style, feel, and more.

Rest Assured – You’re Protected! – Before purchasing, carefully review the warranty information of the hoop. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their goals, but do not cover the glass backboard which is the most expensive part to replace. Goalrilla Systems are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, including the glass protection. If your hoop is damaged during normal play and use, you can count on the Goalrilla guarantee.

Trusted Brand Name

When purchasing a basketball hoop, you’re a making a significant investment in a permanent fixture for your home. Buying a hoop from a reputable, long-standing manufacturer can ensure you don’t encounter a headache down the road. From standing behind the warranty to having replacement parts in stock for service, make sure you can depend on your goal manufacturer.

Not sure who you can trust? Consider purchasing a brand that major sporting goods retailers and even professional athletes trust. If these industry professionals carry a given brand, then that’s a good place to start!

In the case of Goalrilla, we have been in business for ‘x’ years and are backed by the protection of a large multi-national, publicly-traded corporation. Our hoops are carried by physical retailers and outdoor specialists that trust the Goalrilla brand to deliver exceptional product experiences to their customers.