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It began for us in 1991 with basketball hoops that brought out the player’s best game.

From making varsity to making the game-winning shot on the biggest stage, all athletes have dreams. Our aspirations are what drive us. Athletes who stop at nothing deserve Goalrilla, the training equipment that truly replicates the in-game experience. So when it’s all on the line, athletes have extreme confidence in their ability to deliver. That’s what Goalrilla brings to training and that’s how dreams become a reality.

When purchasing a basketball goal, you’re a making a significant investment in a permanent fixture for your home. Buying a goal from a reputable, long-standing manufacturer can ensure you don’t encounter a headache down the road. From standing behind the warranty to having replacement parts to service your goal, make sure you can depend on your goal manufacturer.

Not sure who you can trust? Consider purchasing a brand that major sporting goods retailers trust. If these industry professionals carry a given brand, then that’s a good place to start!

Goalrilla has five different series of basketball hoops: DC, CVS, CV, FT, GSC series. Each of these systems offer the premium features you expect from Goalrilla including tempered glass backboards, powder coated finish, aluminum frames, anchor kits, and more. Here’s what makes these basketball goals unique:

GSc Series — The GSc Series comes in 54”-, 60”-, and 72”-size backboards and is a perfect option for beginner level players or for recreational use. The Clear View backboard design offers an unobstructed view and a consistent rebound. The powder-coated steel pole construction offers superior rust-resistance, UV protection and won’t fade over time.

FT Series – This innovative steel pole design is stronger than ever and is built to withstand the toughest of play. The FT Series comes in 54”-, 60”-, and 72”-size backboards with a Clear View backboard support design and is a perfect option for beginner level players or for recreational use. FT hoops offer faster actuation time with fewer cranks for height adjustability from 7.5’ to 10’. The FT goals also uniquely feature black anodized aluminum trim for a clean appearance.

CV Series — Named for its Clear View backboard support, the CV series removes the obstructed view through the backboard of an H-frame design and delivers more consistent rebound across the entire board. Backboard options are: 54”, 60”, and 72”. The CV series offers a ½” thick backboard in the 72” model or a 3/8” thick in the 60” and 54”. The CV goals also include pole and backboard pads.

CV Series with STBLZR™ Technology – New is ClearView with STBLZR™ Technology, a revolutionary technology that significantly reduces the shake of a basketball hoop. STBLZR™ Technology features a Tuned Mass Damper, an internal, moving mass that absorbs the motion of the goal, and quickly brings the it to rest using a magnetic field. The CVs goals also include pole and backboard padding.

This same technology is used in the design of skyscrapers to stabilize buildings during earthquakes and high winds. In your Goalrilla hoop, STBLZR™ Technology creates dramatic improvements in stability and drastically shortens the recovery time of the hoop after a shock, such as a dunk. The ClearView hoop with STBLZR™ Technology comes in a 72” and 60” backboard.

DC Series – On other brands of adjustable basketball hoops, the rim is mounted onto the glass backboard. During harsh dunking, the extreme force on the rim is transferred to the backboard and can cause it to shatter. With the Goalrilla DC the rim is mounted to a solid cage supported by double-welded crossbeams via a 4” steel beam, fully absorbing the shock of a dunk and eliminating all stress on the glass backboard. Direct Connect Technology allows Goalrilla to offer the toughest hoops on the planet supporting up to 2,000 lbs. or 1 ton. The DC72E1 features a NCAA/NBA regulation-size backboard of 72” x 42” with ½” thick tempered glass.

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