Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Although steel gives our Goalrillas their legendary strength, this same material is susceptible to rust when exposed to the elements. To put this concern to bed, we cover every inch of steel on a Goalrilla basketball hoop with powder coating.

This protective shield locks out moisture to keep your goal looking great and operating at peak performance. Powdering coating is the industry standard in rust protection for steel, and it can withstand the abuses of some of the heaviest industrial applications.

**What is Powder Coating? **

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that utilizes a combination of various polymers, additives, and other ingredients that are all ground up into an extremely fine powder. Each of these particles within the powder is electrostatically charged, so that upon being sprayed or otherwise applied to a metal surface, it sticks to the material. (Think of how your hair might stick to a balloon rubbed on your head) Due to static electricity, the particles are attracted to the metal and stick onto the surface.

Once the metal has been completely coated in the powder, it is placed in an oven where the metal and coating reach several hundred degrees, allowing the powder coating to cure. With the heat acting as a catalyst, a chemical reaction takes place between the metal and the powder coating, permanently bonding the two materials.

**Applications of Powder Coating **

Chances are you use a lot of powder coated products daily. Everything from bulldozers to chainsaws, and even bicycle frames and baby cribs are all powder coated. Anytime there is a need to protect steel from the abuses of heavy use or the elements, you can probably bet that powder coating is involved. Brake assemblies, car bodies, water heaters, tractors, and our premium basketball goals are all protected by this durable coating for the lightest to heaviest applications.

**Benefits of Powder Coating **

Why is powder coating ideal for a basketball goal? For one, the coating is not only attractive, but is extremely tough. You may see some manufacturers advertising their “Rust Shield” protection package, but the fact of the matter is that every one of these features comes standard on every Goalrilla. No fancy marketing. No pricey upgrades.

The combination of galvanizing and powder coating the steel pole creates a strong, impermeable coating that protects the integrity of the steel. Rain, sleet, snow, or even the sun’s UV rays - nothing will be able to penetrate this durable duo. Season after season, game after game, and shot after shot your goal will continue to look as good as the day you bought it.

Environmental Impact of Powder Coating

Powder coating is also a more environmentally friendly option, as no solvents or VOCs are required to help the coating adhere. This reduces the number of by-products created in the production process and the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the production time for powder coating is more efficient and requires fewer steps, allowing Goalrilla to produce a superior product for a lower cost with the savings being passed onto you.

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