Move Your Hoop With You
Move Your Hoop With You

All Goalrilla goals are assembled using an anchor kit system that allows you to relocate the goal if you move homes. The first step in this process is to purchase a compatible anchor kit system. Once your new anchor kit has been installed, you’re ready to move you Goalrilla to its new home.

To ensure your Goalrilla gets to its new location unharmed, follow these steps to safely transport your goal.

Modes of Transportation

Depending on the size of your hoop and the distance away from your destination, you may opt to transport your goal by a pickup truck, box truck, or open trailer. Whichever method you choose, the backboard must be able to lay flat in the vehicle to ensure a safe arrival. The smallest backboard size available is 54”x 36”, which may fit in the back of some pickup trucks. However, a 60”x 38” or 72”x 42” backboard may not entirely fit and may be dangerous to transport in a flatbed pickup truck. If that is the case, renting a box truck or trailer is a safer and more convenient option.

Disassembling a Goal for Transport

Unless you are moving only a short distance away, it’s recommended to at least disconnect the backboard from the pole during transit. This will allow you to better protect the glass during transportation and prevent damage.

If you’re moving a longer distance, you will want to purchase moving blankets, cardboard, and other padding to further protect the glass during shipping and handling.

Consult your Manual During Disassembly

If you have kept up with regular maintenance, disassembling your goal should not be difficult. If you have kept the product manual for installation, simply follow these in reverse.

If you don’t have your original manual, you can look up the manual for your goal on the Goalrilla website using the item number. If you do not know your model number offhand, look at the back of the pole right above the actuator handle.

There is a sticker that indicates the model number and production date code. You can then go to this page here and download the original manual. If your sticker has worn off or is unreadable, you may use this guide to identify your hoop or reach out to the customer service department.

Loosening Bolts and Other Hardware

During disassembly, it’s common to have a nut or bolt that is difficult to loosen. If you encounter a nut or bolt that won’t budge, do not try and force it by hand, you may end up stripping it out. Here are some ways to assist in removing a stuck nut or bolt.

For additional information, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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