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Basketball Gift Ideas

Basketball Gift Ideas

Having trouble finding the perfect gift? Let Goalrilla’s experts help. Use our gift guide to help find the perfect gift for basketball lovers on your Christmas list this year.

1. New Basketball Hoop

What better way to treat your player then with a brand new basketball goal? Goalrilla has a goal for every budget and skill level. For those wanting the ultimate experience, try our premium in-ground hoops. For those with less room, a portable or wall-mounted basketball goal is perfect. Of course, don’t forget the little ones and check out our selection of youth hoops.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball

Sure, a Goalrilla Basketball goal won’t fit under the Christmas tree, but we have a solution ready for you. Wrap one of our Goalrilla composite basketballs as a preview for what’s out in the driveway. This ball is a regulation size for men’s basketball and perfect for both indoor and outdoor basketball.

3. Backboard Pad

You’ll never have to worry about safety again when lowering your basketball hoop with a Goalrilla Backboard Pad. This padding lines the bottom of your backboard to protect players from hitting their heads, arms, and hands against the hoop.

4. Basketball Pole Pad

Players will worry less about safety and put all their energy into playing to their full potential. The durable, weatherproof deluxe basketball pole pad extends to cover the baseplate and hardware and adds cushion against the steel basketball pole. Our pole pads protect players during aggressive play while keeping your hoop looking amazing.

5. LED Basketball Hoop Light

Are they up before the sun to practice? Or come home late with friends to shoot around in the driveway? The Goalrilla LED hoop light features an innovative design that extends over the top of the hoop and illuminates the backboard, rim, and court for increased safety while playing in the dark. Because the light directs light down instead of out, players can see clearly while playing.

6. Basketball Yard Guard

It’s the perfect gift for both you and the kids! They’ll stay out of the street and you’ll sleep a little more sound at night. The Goalrilla Yard Guard is a defensive net system that installs onto you Goalrilla basketball goal and keeps missed balls from rolling into the road. The Yard Guard protects your lawn and landscaping and allows players to have a more efficient practice and acts as a key safety feature.

7. Basketball Return Device

No more chasing down basketballs while practicing your free-throws. With Silverback’s basketball hoop ball return your player will be able to increase the numbers of shots in a short amount of time. Works with most in-ground basketball hoop systems.

There you have it. Some awesome basketball gifts that are ensured to put a smile on the face of any player. Be sure to check out our basketball accessories page for even more great ideas.

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